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Member Id:87945
Location:South Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Last online:Sun 26Feb2017
Profile updated:Sun 4Sep2016
Always happy to host a young lad.
Yes, I only like to date younger lads.... Smooth, no hair or shaved always a turn on.
Always discreet. Take it from here.....
55 years old, gay, male. Looking for men for friendship or casual encounters, preferably between the ages of 16 and 21.
My Interests
I enjoy going to the beach and swimming and my favourite social activites include dining out, as well as visiting gay clubs. I don't play many sports but I am an avid fan of golf. At home I'm happiest when brewing beer, playing computer games, cooking, listening to music, viewing pornography, surfing the net, watching videos or DVDs or watching TV. I'm also interested in electronics, languages, music, photography and religion as well as being involved in charity work.
Some Of My Preferences
My tastes in music include alternative, heavy rock, jazz and pop. I enjoy eating Chinese, home cooked food, Indian, Italian, sushi, Thai and traditional western meals food and usually prefer to drink anything alcoholic. I like family, horror, musicals/concerts, mystery/suspense and sci-fi/fantasy movies and, on TV, I like watching documentaries, horror, movies, music programs or sci-fi/fantasy.
My Stats
Gender identity:Male