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Member Id:97536
Location:New York, New York, United States
Last online:Sun 7Aug2016
Profile updated:Sun 7Aug2016
big daddy bear hunter
Friendship and/or casual to keep it uncomplicated.
let me start by saying I met lots of great guys here.
This is one of the best places to meet hot horny bears on the net, thank god for that,,,LOL

Now about myself, My Name is George raised in California but now in NYC and I love it. HIV Negative as of 5/25/15
Been there Done that!!!! Blessed with Everything I ever Wanted and more.

My type of guy is a big Chubby bear, but a nice looking daddy is fine with me too. oh and sometimes a young hot horny bear it's great too.
Please have a Job Don't like Losers.
love to make friends from all over the world,
lets meet, for coffee or fun.
45 years old, gay, open relationship, male, Latin American (Hispanic), 5' 5" (165 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg), large build, black hair, black eyes, non-smoker, social drinker. Looking for casual encounters with guys, preferably between the ages of 50 and 80.
My Interests
I enjoy biking, camping, fishing, going to the beach, hiking, hunting, sailing, sunbathing, swimming and walking and my favourite social activites include dining out, entertaining at home or going to watch a movie, as well as visiting bars/pubs, gay clubs, coffee bars, gay saunas, a museum or the theatre. I like to play American football, rugby and pool, or just have fun playing card games and I'm also an avid AFL football and soccer fan. At home I'm happiest when doing housework, reading or watching TV. I'm also interested in antiques, aquariums, art, cars, collecting, computers, electronics, motorbikes, music, politics, science, travel and wine tasting as well as being involved in activism, exhibitionism, nudism, orgies and voyeurism.
Some Of My Preferences
My tastes in music include alternative, heavy rock, hip hop, jazz, metal, punk, rap and reggae. I enjoy various types of food I usually prefer to drink anything alcoholic. I like action, classic, comedy, cult, horror and sci-fi/fantasy movies and, on TV, I like watching comedy, documentaries, horror, sci-fi/fantasy or sport.
My Stats
Build:Extra large
Domestic situation:I can always invite people home
Drinking:Social drinker
Education:Bachelor's degree
Ethnicity:Latin American (Hispanic)
Eye colour:Black
Gender identity:Male
Hair colour:Black
Height:5' 5" (165 cm)
In or out?:I am 'out' to everyone
Languages spoken:I can speak English and Spanish
Mobility:I sometimes have the use of a car
Occupation:Antique Dealer
Piercings:Only my ears
Preferred residence:Downtown in a city
Relationship status:Open Relationship
Tattoos:Just a few places
Weight:230 lbs (104 kg)