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Member Id:97693
Location:West Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Last online:Tue 15Nov2016
Profile updated:Tue 15Nov2016
I am me!
Looking for wanted hookup.
34 years old.
My Interests
I enjoy camping, sunbathing and walking and my favourite social activites include dining out, going to live music concerts, going to watch a movie, partying or going shopping, as well as visiting bars/pubs, coffee bars or the theatre. I don't play many sports but I am an avid fan of baseball, NFL football, AFL football and NHL hockey. At home I'm happiest when cooking, doing housework, listening to music, meditating, studying or watching TV. I'm also interested in computers, meditation and photography as well as being involved in nudism.
Some Of My Preferences
My tastes in music include alternative, classical, country, metal and pop. I enjoy various types of food I usually prefer to drink cocktails or spirits. I like comedy, horror and pornography movies and, on TV, I like watching cartoons, comedy, horror, news & current affairs or sci-fi/fantasy.
My Stats