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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between actual events and the events in this story or the characters in this story are purely coincidental. This story involves descriptions of unsafe sexual acts between men for the purpose of erotic fantasy and is not intended to condone such acts. If you are underage or homoerotic material is otherwise illegal in your area, please do not continue. Author retains copyright; do not duplicate this story without the express written consent by the author. Comments and suggestions are welcomed by the author at

Mark worked for my father in the summer of 1976, and had been introduced to our family by my step-mother. As he then lived in another state, he flew out to stay with us over the summer to work. Mark was several years older than I was.

Mark seemed to be a cool guy at first. He had been a wide receiver on the football team when he was in high school, and was generally thought of as a handsome and capable young man. He was about 6'1, and I would guess maybe 180 pounds of muscle, which I could see all the time because he walked around shirtless inside our house.

Two really distinctive things about him were his square jaw, with a deep cleft in it, and his black hair, as it was sort of wavy, and longer in the front than the back, but not long. Mark had bright blue eyes, clear skin, straight nose, perfect teeth.

Right after he moved in, Mark seemed to be a good guy, but things started changing fast when it came to his dealings with me. It started changing with small things...Mark would just be rude at times, hardly grunt when I greeted him, or if we were around other people, he'd mock something I said or snort disdainfully as if I was an idiot.

Soon, Mark became a total jerk to me. His true colors, I thought. I was already displeased with my new step-mother, a super-religious woman who saw evidence of Satan lurking around each corner of the house, and to my disgusted mind, Mark was simply icing on the cake.

Then one long four-day weekend I had a bunch of paperwork to finish for my father's business and apparently so did he, because we both ended up staying late when everyone else went to bed. Our bedrooms were in a quiet wing of the house. It was a Friday night and I had finished all the paperwork I was assigned and I was in my room listening to some music and drinking a beer and was stripped to my underwear, getting ready to jump into bed when I heard a very light knock on my bedroom door.

"Yeah?" I asked.

Mark walked in. He was, as usual after everyone when to bed, wearing only a pair of white underwear. I looked for a second and took in the sight of his perfectly built body, flat stomach, lean hips, muscled thighs and calves...I didn't mean to stare, but he was a really good-looking guy even if he was a jerk, and I just instinctively looked at him for a few long seconds.

"Hey, what's goin' on?" he asked, and looked around the stuff in my room casually.

I shrugged.

"Hey," he said, "You done working?"

"Hm? Um yeah, getting ready to hit the sack" I answered, still sort of transfixed by his body, and the obvious bulge in his underwear. I knew, just from the size of the bulge, that his penis probably was much larger than mine, which fascinated me more than making me envious.

He just stood there for a sec and gave me back a slight smile.

"Yeah, Rick, I have a really bad kink in my back," he added. "Do you think you could you work on my back for a few minutes?"

Then he adjusted himself inside his underwear. He sometimes did this around me when we were alone, and it had always annoyed me, as I thought he was showing off the size of his piece, but now I was confused, because I was getting turned on by him, and it was feeling like the room had just become warmer by at least 20 degrees.

"Sure Mark," I nervously said, almost blushing. "Let me finish straightening this shit up," as I fumbled around with some papers, "I'll be in your room in a sec, k?"

I wanted a few minutes to clear my head and to think about what he might be up to. I did not trust him, and the thought crossed my mind that he might try to do something to get me in trouble with my father.

Mark nodded and left my room. I watched his slow, almost sensual walk, and all the muscles in his back as he turned and left. Mark radiated masculinity, sure and confident in his abilities as a male.

I quickly snapped out of the whole thing, though, pulled on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen and drank a few sips of water, trying to get rid of the buzz of the beer. I decided that was all too weird, and whatever happened, I wouldn't let him embarrass me, or worse.

But when I got to Mark's room, my plans to remain in control flew out the window. My dick almost instantly started getting hard...Mark was splayed out on his bed on top of a beach towel, with another towel covering his buttocks, and I could plainly see he had ditched his underwear. Mark's arms stretched out above his head, legs slightly spread.

"Hey Rick," Mark greeted me as I entered his room. "Shut the door, there's a draft. You can just use that oil," he said casually and nodded to a bottle of scented oil on the stand by his bed.

I took the oil, and then climbed on his bed beside him, thankful for having the presence of mind to put on some shorts and hoping my growing bulge would be adequately covered and out of his sight. I sat beside him on his bed. I could feel the heat coming from his body, and it made me dizzy. I had never touched another human being in such an intimate setting before, and it was almost overwhelming.

"Where does your back hurt?" I asked in the most casual voice I could assume, but my voice quavered and cracked a little, betraying my nervousness.

"Ah, down between my shoulders," Mark said in a low voice. His eyes were closed, and he actually appeared to be bored and sleepy, which helped to steady my nerves somewhat.

I rubbed some oil between my hands and began rubbing down his shoulders. I started at the top of his broad, strong shoulders, and then I worked my way downwards, but avoided touching the towel covering his butt. As I worked on his lower back, Mark groaned quietly, and his legs spread a little wider, and while doing so, his towel shifted to one side, nearly exposing almost all of his left buttock to me.

I did not think it wise to adjust the towel, but I did take a good long look at the smooth, white skin of his buttock.

Presently, Mark raised up, and then reached down and adjusted the towel with one hand. I paused while he was doing so, and I noticed as he did so, that he took a long look at my tented shorts, which I had tried to conceal by leaning sideways.

"So Rick...ya horny or somethin'?" he asked, turning his head and smiling. His smirk was not entirely mean. Still, I felt my face start flushing with deep embarrassment.

I sat stock still, unable to say anything to defend myself.

"Fuck yeah, you're horny, dude," Mark said back to me, grinning now, and he pressed his hand against my hard dick through my shorts.

His move sent me overboard and I jerked backwards, and nearly slipped off the bed.

"Don't!" I gasped, I couldn't believe he touched my crotch! My heart was about to pound out of my chest!

Mark was still shooting me that sly grin. He lay back on his bed, with his legs sort of splayed out.

"Sh!" Mark shushed me. I suppose my first gasp had been pretty loud.

"I know you're hot for some dick Rick. I've known a long time. I've watched you checking me out all the time; and now you're sitting on my bed with a boner."

"I'm not a queer Mark, if that's what you're saying..." I gulped nervously, and I was feeling a little sick to my stomach. My penis began to deflate rapidly as I suddenly realized the power Mark had gained over me.

Mark looked thoughtful.

"No one said anyone's a queer, Rick," Mark said quietly. "But, I know you're horny. So..." he said, sort of arching his brows and turning his body upright a little. "Ya want to mess around a little, Rick, just to see if you might like it?"

I looked at him. Was he joking? Was this a trap...I mean...if I said yes would he beat me up? Would he tell my parents?

"Ya ever sucked a dick, Rick?"

My stomach lurched. I sat up further, and was ready to get off his bed, but Mark grabbed my arm, and held it firmly.

"I ain't gonna tell anyone...ever..." he said quietly, looking serious.

He held my arm, and after a two or three long seconds, I slowly sat back down, and looked slowly past his lower back, to the top of his buttocks, where the towel had slipped down and where his skin was whiter than his back and very smooth. The curve of his buttocks as they disappeared under the towel caused powerful waves of sexuality to wash over me.

"You won't tell anyone, ever?" I asked in a low, troubled voice, still feeling sick to my stomach and very conflicted.

"'s know I won't." He paused. "Okay Rick, so why don't you move up here." And he pulled forwards by my arm.

Reluctantly, but almost hypnotized, I shifted upwards up on the bed and in one smooth motion, Mark turned over onto his back, casting off the towel as he did so.

What the fuck was I doing? Has not this man always hated me? I refused to look at his crotch, instead, I watched Mark's eyes, waiting for...betrayal...scorn...contempt? I didn't know...and Mark merely looked me in the eye boldly, as if daring me to find fault with anything he was doing.

"Well, look down, see if you like what I have?" Mark's sudden directive, given in a lightly jesting voice cut through everything I was thinking.

I blushed again and averted my eyes from his bold gaze and looked downwards to his groin.

God...I had never seen another man's genitals this close up before...the barest glance at other boys, if even that, was all I had ever permitted myself, despite my curiosity, in school locker rooms up until now. Now I could look, was told to look, all I wanted.

Mark's penis was semi-erect, with a drop of precum just showing at the tiny slit at the tip of the flaring glans. He had heavy balls in a deep red, silken, drooping scrotum, all covered with wiry, dark hairs. As Mark lay quietly, allowing me to examine him, his testes shifted upwards, and his scrotum tightened visibly. I don't know if that was a reaction to my gaze, or if his body was simply reacting to his having turned over. He had a very dark patch of pubic hair above his penis, which was circumcised, like mine. There was a healthy, clean odor, coming from his crotch. I sat for a long moment, just looking and exploring with my eyes, taking in his masculine beauty. As I watched, his penis slowly began hardening.

Mark slowly released my arm, and grabbing my wrist, he led my right hand to his rapidly expanding cock.

"So...come on, play with it," he said while he smiled at me, in a light-hearted tone, "It's okay."

Relaxing a little, I smiled back and grabbed his penis...I was surprised at how thick and rubbery it was, it wasn't even all hard yet. Soon, as I awkwardly stroked it, it proudly rose to its full length, about eight inches, a good two inches longer than my own penis, and a good deal thicker besides.

"Okay, yeah, that feels good. Yeah, that's good. Now, lick it, lick the head," Mark quietly asked.

I was wondering what would happen if someone walked in us now?

Almost in a trance, I did as he asked, I leaned forward, and gingerly licked the head. It felt just as rubbery on my tongue, as it had felt on my hand.

"Lick all of it." Mark said, with his eyes closed. I wondered if he was pretending I was a girl.

I licked all of it, up and down.

"That's so good," Mark sighed.

Then, almost in a whisper he added. "Yeah, yeah, oh, fuck yeah, please, please suck it, suck my dick," and he put his hands behind his head, and tilted his head back.

I leaned forward, opened my mouth and the head of his dick slid all the way into my mouth for the first time.

Mark caught his breath, and his hips bucked slightly and then he settled and sighed with pleasure.

I took more and more of his dick into my wet mouth, but it was hard. My jaws really had to spread now...I had moved up, and my forehead was almost touching his hairy pubes, but I couldn't get much of him into my mouth.

"Ah, ah yeah, that's it...yeah" he whispered.

Then Mark put his hands on the back of my neck and pushed my head down his cock. I choked and pushed upwards. Mark kept his hands on my head.

I continued sucking on the head of his dick, waiting to see what Mark would do next. It didn't take long before he rammed his cock way up my throat, choking me again...I started coughing a little, which reduced his roughness, but then he stopped moving, and held my head very tightly in his hands.

Suddenly, I felt his body tense up and the head of his cock suddenly expanded in my mouth. He was going to cum in my mouth.

"Ah, yeah, yeah, fuck, oh fuck, fuuuuuuck!" Mark gasped in a loud whisper as his cock throbbed faster and faster, and I tasted the salty liquid that began leaking freely out of the slit.

I had no he held my head in place, with his cock filling my mouth, he was in control...and soon his cock throbbed, and a long, intense, stream of semen shot out, once, twice, three times...

"Yeah!" Mark moaned, and then he gasped, and shot two more long shots into my mouth! I swallowed all of his semen, simply to get rid of the taste as quickly as possible. It was strong, and musky, and very unpleasant tasting.

After he finished, and his hands released my head, I got up and wiped my lips and then my face with a tissue, thinking I needed to rinse my mouth out with the rest of my beer in my room.

As I wiping up, Mark got up off the bed, his cock still semi-hard. My own dick was hard with need, but I didn't want to do anything in front of him, as I sensed that was not what he wanted, at all. It had been all about him, every bit of it.

I was also embarrassed. This guy, that my oppressive bible-beating step-mother just adored (and, I was certain, lusted after) had just put his dick in my mouth and had shot his sperm into the back of my throat! But...I was still really turned on, especially by his easy-going, dominant attitude. I was actually in a state of shock, having just performed an act so outside of what was the norm for me that my mind was threatening to shut down. Up until this moment, I had been a virgin, with both women and men.

Mark pulled on his underwear, and refused to look me in the eye. In the space of a few minutes, I went from feelings of extreme sexual excitement, to feeling depraved, and used, and cheapened. My penis, once again, deflated completely.

"Better get to bed before someone catches us," Mark muttered, still refusing to look at me. I felt my jaw tighten in anger and stalked out of his room and went into my own room. I got into bed, seething inside and feeling sad at the same time, and then decided the best thing to do would be to go to sleep, and try to sort through everything the following day.

About three weeks passed after this episode. During that time, Mark treated me with his usual contempt, which, if anything, grew more intense.

Neither of us, even when we knew were alone and speak with complete ease, mentioned what had happened. I decided to put it out of my mind and just pretend in had never happened.

Then came a weekend where my parents left town with my younger siblings, leaving Mark & I at home alone.

Late on Friday evening, after everyone had left, I was sitting in the living room watching a movie, when I heard Mark enter the front door, coming home from shopping at a local mall. I didn't bother to say hello or to even look at him. Mark went to his room, then returned wearing nothing but his underwear and strode into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of iced tea.

Then he sauntered into the living room where I was.

"Hey," Mark said, in a friendly tone.

"Hi," I replied.

Mark came over and sat on the couch beside me.

I was being very careful not to look at him. I was acutely aware, however, of Mark's white underwear tightly clinging to his body, and I had to struggle to keep my breathing at a normal pace, and I was very annoyed with myself for showing such weakness. I decided I just needed to go to bed to get away from him before he tried anything else. The movie I was watching was ending anyway, so that made for a good excuse.

I got ready to get up.

"You like my cock, Rick?" Mark suddenly asked, in a gentle tone.

I was too late! My heart sank, and I felt a fierce blush spread across my cheeks.

I said nothing, but turned to look at him, and he was staring straight at my eyes, with lust in his eyes, and something else I did not quite like, contempt, or something close to it, was also in his eyes.

I had to look down, past his beautiful chest with jutting nipples, and his amazing six-pack abs...and my gaze came to rest on his thick penis, now jutting fiercely out from under his underwear past his navel.

"I..." I responded quietly. Suddenly I felt his hand on my chin and he raised it until I had to look him in the eye. Mark still had the same strange expression in his eyes.

"So Rick, do you?"

"Yeah," I answered meekly, but then, in a burst of defiance, I blurted "But I don't like you when you're acting like a prick to me!"

Mark grinned. "I just do that to make sure nobody suspects anything, dummy."

I digested that. I suspected he was being less than truthful.

"You wanna suck me again?" he asked boldly, which caused me to feel embarrassed again. But, I could tell, that underneath the bravado, he wanted me to want him.

"Later...maybe," I said lamely, trying to not appear over-anxious.

Mark grinned again. "No time like the present," he said in a teasing voice. He stood and kicked off his underwear. His erection stood out proudly like a small tree. I glanced and looked away, still embarrassed. Marked reached down and grabbed one of my hands and pulled me to my feet.

"So Rick, let me see you."

Mark didn't need to ask twice...I pulled off my jeans, and t-shirt, and whipped off my underwear around my ankles and threw them off in seconds, without looking at him. I stood before him, shaking slightly, my thin frame not even a match for his strong and sturdy body.

"Wow Rick, you have a great body. That's a nice dick you got there," Mark commented, as he looked me over.

Then Mark smiled as he grabbed me by the balls in one of his huge hands and pulled me closer; then he took my dick and started jacking me, slowly. He was being kind, and gentle, and I began to feel even more aroused by his touch. He jacked me for a long time, until my penis was wet with precum. With his other hand he started to do the same to his own throbbing eight inches. I moaned...pretty soon Mark began rubbing his entire body against mine, and rubbing his hardened cock against my own.

"You're really liking this, aren't ya Rick?"

I was shaking like crazy, and didn't know what to do, but it felt so good, and I simply leaned against Mark's broad chest, feeling the heat and power of his body there. Soon, however, Mark stopped, and I involuntarily leaned against him more closely than before, and a I nibbled at one of his nipples, trying to show him what I would like him to do to me.

But Mark paid no attention. He grabbed my balls lightly, and backed off about a foot. I felt completely under his control. He looked me right in the eye while massaging my balls, and then his index finger slipped far up behind by balls, and swirled around the tight pucker of my asshole, and then pushed inside! I nearly shot my load right then, as my knees threatened to buckle and I gasped. Mark backed his finger out, then released my balls.

"So, Rick, want to try something new?" Mark asked. Then, in a matter of fact tone, he added "You've got a nice, tight ass, and I gotta fuck it. You'll love the feel of my dick up inside you."

"Um, no, there's just no way, Mark, it would hurt too much..." I muttered.

Mark was not going to accept my answer.

"Come on Rick, no one will know, I don't kiss & tell. I promise you, it'll feel great...I'll go real slow, and I'll pull out if it hurts too much."

I stood there, not making a move, I was scared, but I wasn't walking away towards my room either.

Mark sensed my wavering thoughts.

"Come on, let's go to my room," and Mark urged me down the hallway to his room.

Once we were there, he spread his beach towel out over the bed again.

"Lay down on the bed," Mark instructed me, "Face down."

I laid my body down on the rather rough fabric of the towel.

Mark came over with a pillow, and had me raise my hips up, and he positioned it so that my ass was sticking up into the air slightly. He pulled my cock and balls downwards so that they were trapped against the pillow.

Mark then proceeded to pour a little oil into the cleft of my buttocks, and then I felt one of his thick fingers smearing it around a little, and he worked some up into my tight anus.

Mark then got up on the bed, and I felt him move into position behind me.

"Okay Rick, stay still, just take deep breaths and relax," Mark said quietly.

I felt his broad thighs brush against the backs of my much thinner ones, and then he pushed my legs to either side, exposing my oiled cleft even more. Mark placed his left hand on the small of my back, and then lightly slapped the cheeks of my ass with his dick in his right hand, making me jump a little.

"Damn...Ricky, what a cute butt. This is going to feel so good."

Mark began rubbing the broad, blunt head of his thick cock up and down the crack of my ass. It felt so good! He was touching areas I had never suspected were capable of erotic sensations.

All too soon, the flaring head of his cock found the tight opening of my ass. I knew I was totally submitting to Mark, a masculine man who was going to use me like he might use a woman, and it made me so hot I thought I was going to pass out. My cock stretched out to its full length and throbbed almost painfully.

Mark started applying pressure to my ass, and then, with my gasps to encourage him, he pushed the thick head of his cock past the opening of my ass.

Oh My Dear God!!!

I gasped in shock and pain, as an incredibly painful cramp began, and I tried to pull away from the burning pain that had engulfed my entire body. Mark paused for a long moment, and held me still firmly, as I gasped, and squirmed with the pain. Mark remained very still, and held me as I calmed down.

After the pause, Mark began pushing inwards again, applying pressure to the small of my back with his left hand, which forced me to arch my back upwards off the pillow. Then with another push, he shoved a couple more inches of his thick cock into my ass, causing me even more pain. I slumped forward, as the pain swept over me, and I felt very queasy. He rested for a second until I began to revive a bit.

"Shit...Mark...wait....fuck...fuck... please stop," I finally gasped, deciding that this was just not going to work for me.

Mark responded by pushing his dick inwards again.

"No, wait, stop, I don't wanna do this anymore," I said angrily, and started pulling out and away from him.

Suddenly I felt Mark's huge hand come down on my back and he pinned me to the bed. He grabbed me around the waist too, very tightly.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not, Ricky, you got that?" Mark asked and jammed his dick into me even further, causing to yelp and curse with the pain.

"You mother-fucker!" I screeched, "Get off me!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry Rick, just calm down," Mark said in a much softer tone.

Mark took his hand off my back, and rubbed my shoulders a bit. I relaxed a little.

"It's going to be okay Rick, I just took your cherry, and it always hurts the worst the first time," Mark soothed me.

My ass relaxed a little around Mark's cock, and as I relaxed, Mark gradually sank his dick all the way inside of me, until I felt his large balls bumping up against my body.

"Now, it's okay Rick, just relax, it won't take me long," Mark said, as he gently began to thrust partly in and out of me.

Slowly, and sensuously, Mark began to fuck me, and he was being careful with his erection, I could tell he was trying not to hurt me. I was still in a lot of pain, especially at the deepest thrusts, but this was one of the most erotic, exciting things I had ever done. I floated in a dream world beneath him, as he thrust ever more deeply into me.

As I reveled in the sensations of Mark's thick penis thrusting steadily into my body, I became aware that Mark was approaching orgasm. He began to lose control of his steady and controlled thrusting, and he began to thrust heavily into me, causing me a bit of pain, and then he grabbed my shoulders and began to slam into me wholesale, ignoring my gasps of pain.

After several long seconds of the heaviest thrusting he had forced me to endure, Mark groaned and gasped all at once.

"Here it is Rick, here it is, take it, take that hot cum!" Mark moaned with a truly savage final thrust!

I yelped at a sharp stab of pain at the last thrust of his thick cock buried deep inside me, and then I felt a warm wetness start spreading inside of my bowels, and I knew that he was blasting his cum deep into me.

Mark rested over me for several long seconds, then slowly dragged his softening penis out of me. I sighed as it left my body, becoming aware for the first time that I had shot what felt like a huge load onto the towel underneath me.

Mark patted my back a few times, and then said we should both get to bed. He was cool and distant again, but I decided not to feel hurt by it, and went to my own room, wondering what the rest of the weekend held in store.

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